The bags that speak “you”


Bags are some of the most important items that we use every day to help us carry all the things we need with less inconvenience. This means choosing the bag that works for us, you wouldn’t want to bring a hand bag to the gym now, do you? Choosing a bag that can accommodate everything you need for that specific thing whether it is going to school or going to the gym is very important.

Aside from the important factor that the bag can or cannot fit everything you need into it, some (or most) people are picky with the designs of the bag, whether it’s the overall design or colour combination or both, this makes it harder for them to choose a bag since what if there’s a bag that’s just the right size for what they need but they don’t like how it looks or vice versa. If you are in the market for a bag that is quite versatile in the looks and carrying capacity department, why not go and check out zuca. They might have just what you’re looking for.

Make it look like the way you want it to

The bags that Zuca has comprises of two things, the “base” bag and the frame with the wheels so you don’t have to worry about carrying heavy loads. Both these parts are fully customizable in terms of design and colour. The bags have hundreds of designs for you to choose from while the frames have around eight colours available which means you can customize how your bag will look to satisfy you. This also means that with all the choices available, no two bags would exactly look the same meaning only you are the one who has that bag that looks like that. It can come pretty handy for those people who want a more personalized look and feel to their luggage.

Can it handle everything you will put inside it?

If you’re asking if the bag can handle carrying all of your needed belongings, yes it can. The bag is durable enough and made of high quality materials, ensuring you that it will last for a long time without degrading in quality. The bags are also light to carry and waterproof so that you can take it anywhere, in any weather without worrying about the insides (as well as your belongings inside) getting wet. Also, you won’t be experiencing any kind of back pain since you can put inside as many as you want without having to carry it on your back, unlike backpacks that causes a lot of injuries to those kids and people who have no other choice but to endure it.

What if I change my mind about its looks?

People’s taste in colour and design usually change from time to time and when that time comes, you might be wondering if you need to buy a new bag to accommodate your change of style. What you could actually do is to just buy the design that you would want or the colour of the frame that you want rather than to buy the whole bag. You could easily swap out the parts if needed and this also gives you the option of more bag designs rather than just sticking to what you have right now.

All in all, the bag is very suitable for everybody who doesn’t want to go around lugging a heavy backpack along with them. The bag is fully customizable and also offers a lot of purposes of use aside from the wide selection of designs you can choose from. It is definitely an all-around bag that you can fully customize to your taste.