All you need to know about the eyelash extensions


Are you tired of putting up the mascara every other day?

Do you not find enough time to apply fake eyelashes before leaving to work or college?

Do you wish to find a long-lasting solution to get fuller and longer looking eyelashes?

If the answer to all the above questions is a yes then you can get facilitated by the eyelash extensions to get rid of this day to day hectic routine. The eyelash extensions are a semi-permanent or a permanent solution for your beautiful eyes, depending on the treatment you choose for them.

But first, let us get to tell you what exactly the eyelash extensions are and how badly you need them.

What are the eyelash extensions?

The fake eyelashes that apply to your eyes for the longest time, so you need not remove them or to use mascara every day. These eyelashes are placed directly in the bone of the lash so they get stuck there and do not fall off.

What are different types of the eyelash extensions?

The eyelash extensions come in a variety of texture and type. The three most common types of these extensions are:

  • Synthetic
  • Silk
  • Mink

Once you select the form of the eyelash extension that you aim to have, you can pick the sizes 6mm to 17mm. But remember that the size of the new eyelash dramatically depends upon the original size of your natural ones as the new eyelashes have to look familiar to the older ones.

How are the eyelash extensions applied?

Once you have chosen the color, size, and type of the eyelash extension, the eyelashes get glued to the eye. For this, a specially formulated glue is used that is semi-permanent and is clinically proven not to damage or irritate the eye.

How much time do you require the extension?

If you are going to a full-length application of the eyelash extension, it will take around 2 hours to finish the process. It will go for a whole year beautiful; you will have to get the regular touch-ups for the extension after every three weeks. An economical solution that many people take advantage of is to get half of the set of eyelashes for the eye. It creates a beautiful and dramatic effect similar to the full sized one and makes your eyes look cute and charming.

Does the eyelash extensions fall?

Many people are confused about the theory of the eyelash extensions. A common question that we hear is, do eyelashes grow back? When you are getting the eyelash extension, you need to understand the fact that each new lash is stuck to the natural lash so as long as the natural eyelash does not fall, the fake one too would stay. An inexperienced person could misapply the glue, and that could result in falling lashes within a few days of the application of the extensions.