Blazers: Not Just for The Office Anymore


\Arguably the most powerful piece of clothing in any woman’s wardrobe is the classic blazer. Most women own at least one tailored blazer; if you work in a professional work environment, you likely have a closet full of them in many different styles and colors. The obvious choice is to pair a classic blazer with a button-down Oxford shirt, a pair of tailored dress pants and pumps. Wearing a blazer with a pencil skirt, complete with sleeveless silk blouse and stiletto heels, screams sophistication and professionalism. While a classic blazer initially made its mark on the world of business, it is very easy to create a wide array of casual looks with this tailored jacket.

One of the best ways to add a casual feel to a blazer is to pair it with denim jeans. A ladylike tweed blazer worn with a pair of skinny denim jeans, ballet flats and a patterned tank creates a fun look that can be worn while you run errands around town. If your inner rock chick wants to come out to play, you can pair a classic blazer with jeans and a pair of moto boots by layering it over a vintage graphic concert t-shirt for an undeniably-cool look.

In cooler weather, a blazer can even act as outerwear. Throw on some fleece leggings under a pair of leather pants. Then, layer a silk or cashmere thermal top under a cashmere turtleneck; top it off with an boxy boyfriend blazer for a sleek, warm look that goes great with a Chelsea-style boot.

Forbes refers to a well-made blazer as a transformative object; this makes it the chameleon of your wardrobe because it can be be worn in countless ways. For the modern trend setter, try pairing a striped blazer with a flirty floral dress and sandals in the spring. People will think you have just stepped away from your home in the Hamptons if you pair a classic camel-colored blazer with a basic white t-shirt, skinny jeans and driving moccasins.

According to Wikipedia, officially referring to a tailored jacket as a “blazer” dates all the way back to 1825. The stuffy and itchy wool blazers of the past have thankfully undergone transformation thanks to modernized clothing manufacturing. Instead of being uncomfortable and rigid, some modern blazers are constructed with slinky-knit fabrics and with draping that turns them into women’s casual jackets.

There is a perfect blazer out there for every woman. Artsy women may gravitate towards wearing a linen blazer over a maxi dress. The woman embracing a minimalist lifestyle may pair an open-front, cascade-style blazer with a pair of classic mules, a silk top and matching pants for a modern look. Fashionistas may love the look of a long and boxy herringbone blazer paired with a flowy camisole, a pencil skirt and a pair of over-the-knee boots. No matter what your style tastes crave, the perfect blazer can take you from a day at the office to a night out on the town.