How Improper Mary Jane’s Shoes Can Result in Hip or Knee Pains in Children


Children’s feet keep growing and, therefore, should carefully be monitored. Most of the feet problems in children are caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes. Therefore, it is imperative to make sure that your child is wearing proper Mary Jane’s shoes to prevent him or her suffering from back or knee or foot or knee pains.

Shoes are important to securing the tender feet of the child. But for the child to feel comfortable, it is important to make sure that the shoes put their heels and feet in a natural alignment. For instance, you can buy for your child a combat boot having added cushioning. A generously padded shoes will put the feet in their natural positions. What that means is the emergence of hip or chronic knee problems will be prevented.

There are some parents who ignore their children when they complain about the shoes they are wearing. The pain may be temporary but may become unbearable or result into debilitating conditions if left untreated. The end result may be long term damage or surgery. Instead of spending money heftily on surgical operations, you can easily avoid these by buying proper Mary Jane’s shoes for the child.

If your child find it hard to walk in high heels, then it is best you buy for him or her Mary Jane’s footwear of low heels and wider toe boxes. This is very important in keeping the feet, joints including skeletal connections in their original intended position. The end result will be zero hip as well as knee pains. Here is the recap on what to do.

First make sure that you know the size of the child’s feet. But if you don’t know how to measure the sizes of the feet then it won’t be better to have them professionally measured by the shoe seller. If the size of your child’s feet is different, which is very normal, you can ask the shoe seller if they have the right shoes.

Making sure that the child try out the shoes, especially in the afternoon. Again, he or she should try the shoes while wearing socks. But if you are buying online, you should read the descriptions carefully. Customers’ reviews will also offer you invaluable information.

Choose Mary Jane’s shoes for children having appropriate heels and shape. In addition, the insoles of the shoes should be excellently padded for absorbing shock waves. Shoes having buckles are the best since they stay on the foot firmly. The soles should be rubberized to for traction.

The materials used to make the shoes should be of top notch quality. In addition, the material should be breathable to allow air circulation. This will help in preventing formation of infections.

Price is also key consideration. You see, many shoes made from high quality materials are pricey. But that doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money to find the right Mary Jane’s footwear, for example, a combat boot for your child. You can find great prices and special deals by shopping around.

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