4 Things to Consider When Buying Your Next Vaporizer


As the vape industry continues to grow at such a rapid speed, the industry itself finds it can barely keep up with all of the new herb vaporizer products arriving on the market. There are plenty of factors to consider when looking for the right vape pens for your needs, especially when it comes to a marijuana vaporizer pen for use in places where weed has been legalized. Here are four key things you need to pay attention to as you learn about different brands.

1. Choose Pure Titanium Instead of Titanium Alloy

One thing you will frequently see from those who manufacture herbal vaporizers is that they use titanium when creating their dab vaporizer pens or other vaporizer pens for weed; however, not all titanium is the same. High quality titanium, including Grade 1 and most Grade 2 levels, is rather expensive, and those who claim they use it are often using a titanium alloy or some other material entirely.

Vape coils can be made from anything, really: titanium or its alloys, kanthal, or nicrome. Each one has its place and is good for something, but not everyone is going to be titanium as it claims. As a consumer, be sure you are doing your research into exactly what sort of “titanium” is being offered.

2. Not All “Temperature Control” is True Temperature Control

Be careful, as many manufacturers of vaporizers will claim their batteries deliver greater control over temperature than they actually do. Just like with titanium, there are batteries that are supposed to control temperature specifically, and they can be expensive to make. Instead of employing that pricey technology, they simply have batteries that will send a certain voltage to the atomizer. Sure, the longer you hold it down, you may be able to increase the temperature, but it is largely unsafe and you are going to lose the flavors and effects of delicate terpenes when you do so.

3. Avoid Vaporizers That Use Teflon

When eNails and other portable vaporizers came onto the market, many began coating their products with Teflon. Teflon can easily melt during use, giving off harmful gases and chemicals. Some of these chemicals can result in illnesses like Teflon flu. Most well-known brands have been required to remove Teflon from their products, but it is still wise to ensure what you are buying does not contain Teflon.

4. Familiarize Yourself with Different Atomizer Materials

Many types of materials can be used to make an atomizer. This includes ceramic, copper, titanium, titanium alloys, and quartz. It’s important to understand each one before you choose. For example, ceramic atomizers are safe enough, but they don’t give as big of hits as quartz, which offers the most efficient and smooth taste of all of the materials. Titanium is known for great taste and big hits, but titanium alloys can vary from vape pen device to device.

So Remember…

• Buy the first cheap vaporizer pens you see. You get what you pay for.
• Buy vapes made with Teflon.
• Buy from a source who won’t give you results of a composition test.

• Buy Grade 1 and Grade 2 Titanium.
• Ask venders to give you composition test results for their materials.

All in all, it comes down to doing just a little bit of basic research on the products before you buy the best vaporizer pens for your needs. By spending a little time online or in a reputable vape store, you can determine the safety, effectiveness, and convenience of all of the vaporizers that interest you before you spend money on them. It wouldn’t hurt to check out some vaporizer reviews on VaporPlants, either. Be smart and happy vaping!