Copper magnetic bracelets have medicinal properties


China has a reputation for being one of the prominent practitioners of alternative medicinal therapy. Acupressure and acupuncture are two names that readily come to mind when we talk about alternate procedures followed by China. Not many people know that magnetic therapy has its roots in this country. They used to follow these techniques more than 2200 years ago, much before the discovery of allopathic medicine. History says that the Egyptians used the same techniques as well in one of their early civilizations. Copper has medicinal qualities. When combined with these magnets in the form of copper magnetic bracelets, the medicinal utility increases manifold. Let us look at the benefits of this form of therapy in treating various ailments in humans and animals.

Magnets are the best applications to use to detect the presence of iron anywhere in the world. Everyone knows that magnets attract iron. Our haemoglobin contains iron as well. Hence, one alternative theory is that magnetic fields can have an effect on our blood and its flow through the body. The trick is in using these magnets at the right location. Now, Chinese alternate medical practitioners know more about such pressure points than anyone else in the world.

This magnetic therapy works on the principle of activating the vital life force known as ‘Chi’. When placed near the acupressure points, the magnetic fields produced by these magnets can bring about significant changes in the flow of Chi and therefore of blood (within Chinese Traditional Medicine, it is Chi that moves the blood). This has use in the treatment of localized swelling or inflammation. The presence of a magnetic field near the localized infected portion can increase the flow of blood to the affected area thereby playing a major role in reducing the swelling.

This is as far as localized magnetic treatment is concerned. There are ways by which you can use the magnetic fields to create an all-round better feeling. The areas around our wrists contain a lot of pressure points that correspond to various organs in our body. Applying the right pressure at these areas can influence these organs to function better. The best way to apply continuous pressure is by using magnetic bracelets.

These bracelets have small magnets fitted at strategic points. This enables the wearer to avail the benefits of this therapy. The major benefit of wearing these bracelets is improved blood circulation. The increase in the speed of flow of blood can revitalize the organs as they start getting pure and oxygenated blood. This helps in the flushing out of toxins. The pure blood ensures there are no free radicals present thereby playing a great role in vitalizing the natural immune forces inside the body. The magnetic field created by these bracelets encourages the body to produce more endorphins. They not only help in increasing the immunity of the body but also act as a barrier to further inflammations and joint pains. Hence, arthritis patients benefit more than anyone else. The arthritis bracelet is one of the best devices they can wear. The bracelets act as jewellery items while silently providing the medicinal benefit.