Is the Prom theme ‘Masquerade Ball’? Customize a Dress Inspired By Audrey Hepburn


Is the moment that you have been waiting forever since you joined your high school, finally knocking at the door? Wondering which moment am I talking about? Well, it’s none other than the prom night. You must be super excited right from the day your principal has declared the prom date and the theme which is- ‘Masquerade Ball’, isn’t it? And I’m sure that you are really looking forward to winning the prom queen title as well and woo your longtime crush. So, to accomplish your two vital missions, there’s just one thing that you’ll need to do and that is, look ravishing. So, waste no more time and customize the perfect prom dress for yourself that would do justice to the theme and make you look absolutely gorgeous.

If you are thinking that customizing a perfect dress for the Masquerade ball themed prom is going to be easy, then you are mistaken. You’ll have to go through loads of elegant cheap prom dresses designs and then take a decision. And trust me, taking this decision isn’t easy. But worry not; I’m here to help you!

Get Inspired by Audrey Hepburn!

Now, when it comes to choosing a dress for a masquerade themed prom, the only diva that comes to my mind is none other than the most stylish, talented and gorgeous, Audrey Hepburn. Did you watch her movie, ‘How to Steal a Million’? No? Well, then watch it immediately (or Google) to see the black masquerade ball dress that she was wearing in this movie, designed by none other than Givenchy. I’m sure you’ll want to steal her elegant attire, as well as the lacey masque. But you know what? Finding the same attire is almost next to impossible; therefore, you need to customize it.

Here’s a guide to customizing a dress similar to what Audrey wore in this amazing, romantic comedy movie. Have a look.

The Dress Material Plays a Vital Role

To customize a dress similar to Audrey Hepburn’s attire in ‘How to Steal a Million’, the first and foremost thing that you need to do is choose the material rightly. Her dress was fabricated with a black allover embroidery lace, a very common type of lace. So, you need to purchase this material or ask your designer to do the same.

Allover embroidery lace is absolutely beautiful. This is a lace fabric with has delicate embroidery done (usually floral embroidery) allover the mesh background. That is why it’s named as allover embroidery lace. These laces are widely available hence, finding one wouldn’t be difficult. But, if you feel that you want to go for a lace that’s prettier than this, then you can definitely go for it; after all, as I told you before, the idea is to get inspired by Audrey, not copying her.

Suggestion: If not allover embroidery lace, you go for Alencon lace, also known as French embroidery lace.

The Hemline Should Be Tea-Length- That’s What Audrey Did!

If you get a glimpse of her attire in this movie, you’ll see that she donned a tea-length dress. And in fact, she always chooses tea-length dresses over long flowy gowns or floor-sweeping dresses. Hence, if you are looking forward to customizing an “Audrey-inspired” dress, make sure you stick to this hemline.

I know you might think that this hemline is currently not trending in the fashion industry but, why don’t you bring it back? Why follow what’s “in fashion”, instead let people follow you.

Additional Tip: Wear lacey stockings to add a tinge of grandeur to your look. Believe me, you’ll look your “vintage best”!

Neckline and Sleeves should be “Illusionary”

The woman who brought illusion neckline and sleeves in fashion was none other than Audrey! And, she brought this fashion statement along with her by donning this elegant Givenchy dress in this move. So, stick to illusion neckline and sleeves.

Tip: Her attire’s neckline was ‘V’ and the sleeves long. But, you can tweak a bit with these features. I would suggest go with a sweetheart illusion neckline and keep the sleeves three-quarter. In fact, you can create an illusionary backline too (keep it backless to add up the oomph!).

Now, coming to the Cut of the Dress

Audrey’s was donning an A-cut dress in this movie. Yes, you can undoubtedly go with this cut if you want but if you ask me, I would say choose something more fashionable such as a skater or pouf.

And you know the best part? You can customize these kinds of dresses from any reputed online store as well.

Was this guide helpful? Now, will you be able to customize a dress similar to Audrey’s black Givenchy dress? If yes, then go for it!

Author bio- Summer Jolie is a fashion designer-cum-blogger. She has written several blogs on cheap prom dresses. To get fashion tips on designing a prom dress just like any Hollywood diva, please follow her blogs.