The Unspoken Language of Flowers


Flowers are known to be the most transcendent form of communicating one’s emotions since God know when. It’s a timeless gift that works magic by sending it to your loved ones given the beauty of its countless charming families and aromatic smells. Flowers are the perfect gift for many occasions, as we failed to find a single occasion that flowers aren’t convenient for! But have you ever stopped for a moment to think about the meaning of its colors? Surprisingly, turns out that flowers have a secret language that you’re about to understand through this article. Here are some of the popular flower colors and their unspoken meanings:

Red Flowers:

Red flowers are the most popular among their counterparts for a reason! Its passionate vibes make it the perfect choice to send it to your significant other on important occasions like anniversary, Valentine’s Day or even a marriage proposal. Red flowers are the secret code through which you tell your significant other about your flaming feelings towards them without uttering a word, so if you’re thinking about a cute thoughtful gesture to surprise your other half, you know what to choose!

Yellow Flowers:

Their vibrant color makes yellow flowers the perfect candidate to spread happiness all over the place. It’s all about meaningful friendships, cheerfulness and positivity, no wonder why sunflowers are yellow! If a friend of yours is feeling down, this is the best way to infuse them with some positive vibes by sending them a bunch yellow flowers.

White Flowers:

The color white mainly emphasizes humility, purity and innocence, and sending it someone definitely means that it’s a reflection of their personality. Based on the type of blooms that you decide to choose, a bouquet of white flowers can be bold and sharp, or gentle and heartwarming.

Orange Flowers:

The color orange mainly signifies Enthusiasm and excitement. It’s full of life and energy, just like energetic people who are constantly seeking going places in their life, moving from one milestone to another.

Blue Flowers:

Blue is the color of peacefulness, serenity and tranquility, it’s a very soothing color that is capable of making people calm down by the mere sight of it. By sending someone a bouquet full of blue flowers, you’ll be subtly telling them to stop for a while, take a break and enjoy the moment.

Green Flowers:

it’s basically the color of mother nature. The color green mainly symbolizes positivity, youthfulness and well-being. By sending someone a green flower arrangement, you’ll be wishing them good fortune and health.

Now that you understand the meaning on each color, you’ll be able to better choose the most convenient flower bouquet based on the recipient’s personality as well as your relationship with them or their state of mind. Turns out there’s more to flowers than just their smell and appearance!

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