What is the most popular Airsoft Gun?


The Automatic Electric Guns

These types of airsoft guns are very fun, real blast and enjoyable to shoot. All one needs to do is pull the trigger just once, then let the BBs fly contrary to spring rifles. A very awesome experience. The activity normally leaves the shooter wanting to reload more and more. If you are looking for a more traditional airsoft pistol such as the Crosman Stinger P311 Airsoft Pistol these are also great.

The automatic electric gun (AEG) is considered most popular for most enthusiasts.  Developed in Japan, its cost and style put AEG smack dab between spring model and the carbon dioxide gas (CO2) models.

These electric guns are called automatic electric guns since they have the capability of an ROF, a rate of fire of 300 to about 900 rounds in a minute, RPM. And their muzzle velocities ranges from 200 to 400 ft. /sec.

The AEG is always fully automatic, and the gun model operates fully on a rechargeable battery system. They operate using electric power that’s from an on-board battery, which drives a small motor, this motor cocks back the spring at an extremely rapid rate, each time a cock back of spring happens it automatically releases and pushes out one airsoft BB at a speed of up to 400FPS in full auto mode or more.

Most Automatic electric gun rifles consist of a mounting rail on top of the gun for acceptance of optical scope. The utilization of a scope though becomes insignificant when the shooter fires in a full auto mode.

A range of about 10-14 shots/ second is what most AEG rifles shoot, this, in turn, may easily scrap off multiple players very quickly.

Most of the Automatic Electric gun models can hold 100’s of BB’s at a time.

The spring type models are commonly compared to the AEG since it has a much higher velocity than the Electric models. And unlike the spring models, the automatic electric guns can have both plastics as well as full metal bodies. And this applies to the CO2 models also.

Either way, the AEG still offers various advantages over either the spring or gas pistols. We see that the gun doesn’t have to be necessarily cocked prior to each shot, thus making the gun capable of shooting much faster than the Springer.

Research shows that the full metal bodies have authentic feel.

AEG was invented due to the immense popularity that was attained by the airsoft guns in the 90s. After the banning of individually owning guns in the country, and during the search of a more outstanding, efficient and better-performing and most powerful airsoft gun, Japan came up with the Electric airsoft gun.

And as the time passed by, airsoft guns flocked the market as AEG also continued increasing with each improvement.

The very most popular electric guns, airsoft that is, are manufactured by a Japanese airsoft gun manufacturer, the Tokyo Marui.

The Marui Automatic Electric Gun has a motor which drives a series consisting of three gears that are mounted inside a gearbox. Thus, this results in it being the airsoft gun that is most powerful in the market.

The electric soft guns, therefore, are the most popular and again are airsoft guns that are widely available, they are majorly preferred by the skirmish veterans. The AEG can be found in international markets too.

Since they are the most bought airsoft in the market, makes them the most expensive. They are most practical too and most of the time they are seen on the battlefield during games of war because of their practicality, i.e. they can last for a long time. And it is also very uncommon to have the airsoft guns survive multiple games without performance issues.

And due to that nature, they are considered a must have gadget for the serious gamers.


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